Picat™ Mesh Litter Liner

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Picat™ Mesh Litter Liner

  • Offer fast and easy pet waste disposal when using litter/cat trays
  • All Liners are reusable
  • Fits all normal cat litter boxes
  • Use with cat bedpans and clumping cat litter

You love your cat 🐱! But scooping is not fun at all. When you come home from work and need to scoop it is always something you don't want to do.

It takes time, it does not smell good and it is always a hassle.

You can do it the hard way which takes time or you can do it the easy way with our Picat Mesh Litter Liners. Place all 10 liners in the box before you insert the cat litter and you are good to go.

No more time lost scooping, just take on Mesh Litter Liner out and put it into the trash. That's it!

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