Crimp Training Resistance Bands

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Everyone always wonders, 'How can I improve my crimp strength?'

With our Crimp Training Resistance Band, that's how!

Resistance Levels:

  • Green: Light (3kg or 6.6lbs)

  • Blue: Medium (4kg or 8.8lbs)

  • Orange: Heavy (5kg or 11lbs)

You might be thinking but crimps require SQUEEZING, not EXTENDING your fingers. Right you are, our rock climbing internet friend, however it is also\ true that climbers who do not train their antagonist stabilizer muscles in their lateral forearm are prone to pain in certain cases, lateral tendonitis (Tennis Elbow) - You know, that irritating pain in your elbow after climbing for a whole week straight? Yeah, that.

BUT, what you might not have known is that when your arms are all chicken winged out during a crimp, you're actually using your underdeveloped extensor muscles to hold the position. That's right, you're straining the same muscles that cause this pain.

To make things worse, a severe case of lateral tendonitis can require 6 MONTHS or longer of rehabilitation.

Now, if you love rock climbing as much as we do, 6 months or no climbing would really, really suck. It's important that yo constantly train your extensor muscles when you go rock climbing, that is, if you're planning to continue climbing for many years to come. Conveniently you can do so with our AWESOME Crimp Training Resistance Bands!

SAFE AND DURABLE - Built with 100% 1st-grade silica gel. BPA-Free. Our resistance bands are WASHABLE and LAST LONGER!

In Summary, The Crimp Training Resistance Band Will:

  • Reduce risk of injuries
  • Correct imbalances of individual fingers
  • Balance your forearm musculature
  • Increase your grip strength
  • Stabilize your wrist and elbow joints
  • Optimize finger dexterity

 How to use:

  • Place finger loops over the end of your fingers
  • Open your hand as far as you can for 10 reps, then switch to the other hand
  • After 3-8 sets on each hands, stretch your forearms and repeat in 24-48 hours. (Train at your personal level - don't overtrain and hurt yourself1)
  • Notice improvements in just a few short weeks!

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